The Oregonian is launching two new media companies this fall.  Oregonian Media Group will expand digital content as it operates and publishes  Oregon's largest newspaper and its related print products.

A separate company, Advance Central Services Oregon, will provide production, circulation, human resources, IT, accounting and other services, to Oregonian Media Group and other companies.

"This strategy will allow us to serve consumers in Oregon and Southwest Washington with more up-to-the-minute, robust news and information online and on mobile devices while continuing the strong enterprise and investigative reporting that The Oregonian and are so well known for," said N. Christian Anderson III, president and publisher of The Oregonian. Anderson will be president of Oregonian Media Group.

"We will continue to develop our digital products to better serve consumers," he said. "We seek to be at the forefront of how Oregonians get and use information. Even with the largest news organization and the largest news audience in the state, we must bring innovative ways of serving consumers to continue our growth. As well, we will enhance our suite of products to help our advertisers reach their best customers. "

Home newspaper delivery will be cut to four days a week. However, the paper will continue to be available daily at newsstands and online. Anderson says while the changes will create future growth opportunies, some current employees will lose their jobs. He's not saying how many. Staff are still being notified.