As workers arrived at Cascade Systems Technologies in Hillsboro Monday morning several people started to get sick.  Their eyes and throats were scratchy, some had trouble breathing, they were dizzy and some felt nauseous.

50 to 60 people were evacuated from the building.  Cascade System Technologies makes circuit boards.

Three ambulances transported 17 people to hospitals as a precaution and one person drove to a private doctor.

The Hillsboro Fire Department determined the cause of the fumes was several lead acid batteries that had been placed on a timed charger over the weekend. Apparently, the charger failed to shut off and two of the batteries overheated and began producing acid fumes. The batteries were removed from the building. Firefighters checked the building for residual fumes and determined it was clear before allowing the employees to re-enter. 

There was no threat to any surrounding businesses.