On Wednesday Vancouver Police responded to a gas station parking lot where a couple reported that a subject in motorcycle gear was attacking someone with an axe and then threatened them with the axe at them before running off.

A similar report of two males with an axe had occurred the night before. No injuries occurred in either incident. In both cases, the suspect charged at the victims but did not make contact with them however, the unsuspecting victims believed they were about to be attacked with a real axe.

Vancouver Police were able to identify and locate the suspects who said they were 'pranking' people by pretending to attack one another with the axe and threaten nearby citizens while they videotaped the incident.  The axe was located by police and was determined to be a realistic looking fake axe.

Pavel V. Krivov, 18, of Vancouver, and Petru G. Tomcac, 18, of Vancouver, were arrested for Assault II and booked into the Clark County Jail.

IMAGE: Shutterstock