After being closed for the past year due to hazard trees in the area, the Cloud Cap Road, Forest Service Road 3512, has been treated so that it will be safe for the public to access again.

Though the hazard trees have been cleared on the ground, snow still makes the road impassible and remains blocked by a seasonal winter gate.

Cloud Cap Road provides access to the historic Cloud Cap Inn. Cloud Cap Inn was built in 1889 on Mt. Hood at 6,000 ft. making it one the oldest high altitude lodges in the United States and the oldest intact building on the Mt. Hood National Forest. Although the Inn is no longer in operation, it retains most of the rustic appeal that once enticed wealthy patrons to this majestic area of Mt. Hood. Today, through a special lease agreement, the building is maintained by the mountain rescue group, the Crag Rats.

“We’re excited to have the Cloud Cap Road open again for the public,” said Janeen Tervo, Hood River District Ranger. “This popular area provides spectacular views of Mt. Hood and other wonderful recreational opportunities.”

The contractor hired to remove the hazard trees will need to continue work once the snow melts in the late spring or early summer, which will require short closure periods as the logs are decked or hauled off to be used for stream restoration projects. With the road open this summer, tours of the Cloud Cap Inn will be offered again. For more information about the road, tours, or the Inn, contact the Hood River Ranger District office at 541-352-6002 or visit our website at:

Photo: Mt. Hood National Forest