The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office is currently attempting to locate 29-year-old Kyle Craig Peterson. Kyle Peterson was last seen on Monday, February 26, 2014, at about 8:19 pm. Kyle Peterson was the driver and single occupant of a vehicle involved in a crash on SE Stark St. near SE 35th St. in Troutdale, OR.

Troutdale Police initially responded to the accident and made contact with the driver of the vehicle Kyle Peterson. As the officer talked with Mr. Peterson, he turned and walked away from the officer and vehicle into a heavily wooded area southeast of the scene. The officer repeatedly told the person to stop knowing the terrain he was walking into was hazardous. Peterson kept walking into the woods and did not respond. He has not been seen since then. MCSO deputies arrived shortly after Mr. Peterson walked off and an MCSO k-9 was called to assist in a search of the immediate area. After unsucessful search efforts, MCSO Search and Rescue was notified and MCSO and Troutdale PD detectives have assisted in attempts to locate Mr. Peterson. Search and Rescue efforts and canvassing have been conducted in the area and MCSO River Patrol has also assisted with search efforts along the Sandy River in the area of Stark St. Anyone with information about Mr. Peterson is asked to call 911 or MCSO Records at 503-255-3600. MCSO Case # 14-401262.