Sunday morning, Marion County Fire District #1 firefighters responded to 6096 Juniper St NE in Salem to assist with rescuing a trapped horse. 

They found a horse trapped in mud and water, buried all the way up to the sides of the horse. "Missy" had apparently been walking in an area of high brush and grass and fell off the embankment landing in a shallow creek. This, in-turn, created a muddy area that entrapped the horse in a "quick-sand" type ground. 

The owner of the horse, Robert Alexander Jr., made contact with a personal friend who was able to load and bring a front-end loader to the scene. The front-end loader was then rigged with heavy-duty lifting straps. After 3-hours of effort, with the support of Dr. Terry Gerros (Equine Veterinarian from Santiam Equine) who sedated the horse, and the front-end loader operator, firefighters were able to extricate the horse from the muddy circumstance. The horse was able to be lifted from the mud slurry and then placed on more stable ground away from the embankment. The horse remained under the care of her owners and Dr. Gerros at the scene.

This isn't the first time this type of event has occurred at the Alexander property. In February, one of Alexander's horses, Ace, became entangled in barbed wire fencing in a pond requiring rescuers to assist then as well. Mr. Alexander was very thankful for both responses stating today "I knew if I called, the firefighters would be able to help us....again."