Sheriff's Deputies arrested a man after he attempted to steal a handgun from a gun store.  The store manager utilized his personal handgun to detain the robber until deputies arrived.    

Washington County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a robbery call at Discount Gun Sales on Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.

It was reported that a man entered the gun store with a baseball bat and attempted to steal a gun.  The store manager called Sheriff's Deputies and reported the man smashed a display case and removed a handgun.  The manager said he had his gun pointed at the robber keeping him detained until the deputies arrived.

Upon arriving at the store, Sheriff's Deputies were assisted by Beaverton Police Officers taking Derrick Mosley, 22, from Beaverton, into custody without further incident.  They found Mosley had taken a baseball bat and smashed a large glass display case containing several firearms.  Deputies learned that after Mosley broke the glass, he removed a handgun.  Moments later, the manager drew his handgun and began giving Mosley orders. 

Mosley complied and dropped the stolen handgun, baseball bat, and nine inch long knife he was carrying.  He laid on the floor until Deputies arrived.

Mosley was lodged in the Washington County Jail charged with First Degree Robbery, First Degree Theft, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Second Degree Criminal Mischief.  He is held on $250,000 bail.