A homeowner in the 6100 block of NW Cherry Street in Vancouver called police after finding large amounts of mail in a bedroom that a relative who had been a houseguest was using. The mail belonged to dozens of individuals, none that were associated with the homeowner's address or the houseguest. The suspect has been identified but at this time no arrest has been made.

The mail included credit cards, checks and other financial information for approximately 30-40 individuals. Vancouver Police are in the process of contacting victims who had financial information stolen in an effort to encourage them to place fraud alerts on their accounts and to notify their financial institutions.

Many of the victims appear to be concentrated in the neighborhood where the mail was located, however due to the large number of items recovered there may be victims outside of that area. The case will also be referred to the U.S. Postal Inspector.

Anyone who believes they may be the victim of mail theft or identity theft should make a police report, contact their financial institution or credit card company, have a fraud alert placed on their accounts and contact all three credit bureaus to run a credit report.

For more information on identity theft prevention and protection as well as contact information for the various agencies that deal with identity theft please visit the Vancouver Police Department Crime Prevention, Identity Theft Prevention page at www.vanpolice.org.