Members of the Portland Police Bureau's Special Emergency Reaction Team took 57-year-old Terry Glenn Mortensen into custody Monday morning after a stand-off that lasted several hours.

Mortensen was arrested for outstanding parole warrants for a 2003 Assault in Clark County, Washington and a 1977 Homicide in Clark County, Nevada.

At approximately 2:45 a.m. on Monday April 22, 2013, Central Precinct officers received information that Mortensen was in a room at the Motel 6, located at 3104 Southeast Powell Boulevard, and made contact with him at the door. Mortensen refused to come out of the room so SERT was requested to respond to the scene.

Officers evacuated the motel and in the process learned that a guest was scheduled for surgery on Monday morning at a Portland hospital. Officers gave the patient and family a ride to the hospital so they could be on time for the surgery.

Crisis Negotiators contacted Mortensen by phone and talked with him for more than 2 hours but he still refused to exit. Officers learned additional information that Mortensen may be armed with a shotgun, a hatchet and several knives.

After negotiations broke down, SERT used an explosive breach to open the motel room door so that officers could clearly see inside the room and to further encouraged Mortensen to surrender to officers.

Officers could see into the room and that the bathroom door was shut. Shortly after, officers reported seeing smoke come from the bathroom and could see a stream of liquid being sprayed from the bathroom into the main motel room by Mortensen. Mortensen then lit the room on fire and started throwing knives and a hatchet at SERT officers, who were still outside the room at a safe distance. SERT officers then broke the front windows of the room and deployed tear gas into the room to encourage Mortensen to exit and surrender.

A Portland Fire & Rescue engine from Station 25 was on standby and quickly responded to the front of the room to put the fire out.

Mortensen came to the window and started climbing out so officers rushed up to him and pulled him out of the window away from the fire to safety, where he was taken into custody and immediately given medical treatment. Firefighters from Portland Fire & Rescue quickly doused the flames inside the motel room.

Mortensen was transported to a Portland hospital for treatment to non-life-threatening injuries and will be booked into the Multnomah County Jail upon his release.

Arson Investigators responded to the scene to investigate the fire. Mortensen may face additional charges in connection with the stand-off and fire.

Powell Boulevard was closed for approximately 4 hours during the stand-off.