In an effort to provide more sustainable and efficient transportation options, Zipcar, Inc., the world’s leading car sharing network, and TriMet have created a new joint program that will add Zipcars at three TriMet Park and Ride locations along the Blue, Green, and Red lines, making it easier for people to live and work car-free in the region.

A total of six Zipcars will offer riders a new option to complete the “last mile” of their trip through this convenient car sharing program. The addition of Zipcars along TriMet MAX Lines makes the service more accessible to the existing car-sharing community and encourages the use of public transportation by providing cost effective and convenient travel options for transit riders.

Starting this week, the following three TriMet locations will offer Zipcar vehicles:

•Beaverton Transit Center – Two Zipcars

•Gateway Transit Center – Two Zipcars

•Orenco/NW 231st Ave Park & Ride – Two Zipcars

“We are continually looking at methods to expand transportation options for our riders,” said TriMet Director of Marketing and Customer Information, Drew Blevins.  “While TriMet provides convenient transit service throughout the region, this new partnership with Zipcar provides added options for riders by combining various modes of travel without the need to have a car full-time.”

TriMet joins transportation organizations across the country that work with Zipcar to bridge the “last mile” of transit trips. These organizations include, San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit District, Chicago Transit Authority, King County Metro Transit in Seattle, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, New Jersey Transit, New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), and Washington Area Metro Transit Authority.

“TriMet provides an incredibly easy and efficient way to get in, out and around the city, but the reality is sometimes you just need a car,” said Zipcar Portland General Manager Jeremy Nelson. “With the addition of Zipcar at these three new stations, we’ve added more options for people who want to blend the ease of TriMet with the convenience of a vehicle.”

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