Posted: August 19th, 2013 4:34 PM

At 2:12 pm Portland Fire & Rescue called for a second alarm response to the wildland fire on Government Island which brought additional resources to the scene. The fire was moving southward on the island and burning in the tree canopy. Firefighters were shuttled over to the island to dig fire line and stretch wildland hose lines to extinguish the fast moving fire. At 3:09 pm a third alarm was called. There are roughly 80 firefighters working to extinguish this fire that has increased to roughly 20 acres.

Traffic is being affected near the fire on Marine Dr. and Interstate 205. Air travel at Portland International Airport has not been affected. Additional updates will be given as they become available.


At 1:20pm Portland Fire & Rescue crews were dispatched to what 911 callers described as "a large field of grass on fire." Additional calls reported that area was growing and possibly extending to bushes and trees in the area. PF&R boats are being used to transport firefighters and equipment to the island and this time. PIO is enroute. Parking lot of the 42nd St. boat ramp will be media staging area. Please keep vehicles clear of obstructing fire apparatus that are there or will be arriving.

Check out this time lapse from downtown...

Photos courtesy of Beth Lobey