Portland, Eugene and Corvallis have already done it.  Now the group "Environment Oregon" is taking the plastic bag fight to small town Oregon.

The odd fellow shuffled along outside Tigard city hall.  "I'm the bag monster.  I'm made of 500 bags which represents the average use of one person every year." 

If you total all that up you'd find that Oregonians use nearly two billion non-reusable plastic bags every year.

Environment Oregon is taking petitions full of citizen names to city councils in Tigard, Beaverton and Lake Oswego asking them to ban those single use plastic bags you get at checkout stands. 

Rowan Jones says they can't be recycled.  "When a plastic bag is put into a landfill, picked up by air currents, deposited into watersheds, when it rains it washes all those plastic bags into a stream or river."  Those bags eventually make it out to sea to become part of a toxic soup of plastic products fouling the environment and threatening both fish and birds.

Oregon lawmakers failed to pass a statewide plastic bag ban during their last session.   Environment Oregon is building support now for a legislative push in 2015.