(TMZ) - Justin Bieber is finally getting some support from the NFL world - 3-time Super Bowl champ Willie McGinest tells TMZ, Bieber is a GREAT neighbor - despite claims by other NFL legends that the singer has a serious speeding problem.

The former Patriots linebacker - who lives across the street from Bieber in their gated Calabasas community - was out and about Monday when TMZ asked about the Biebs' notorious alleged acts of neighborhood terrorism ... including allegations by ex-NFL stars Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson that Bieber's Ferrari is a dangerous menace.

But McGinest - who left USC in 1993 just one year before Keyshawn joined the team - says the rumors are all hype, telling TMZ, "[Bieber's] a good neighbor. My daughters love him."

What's more, McGinest says Bieber even goes above and beyond for the little kids in the neighborhood.

It all sounds nice - but the fact still remains ... McGinest is pretty much the ONLY person who says Bieber's even remotely tolerable to live next to. 


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