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Find Your Path with Carr Nissan!

We've got your access to enjoy Evergreen Wings & Waves, iFly, Mt. Hood Adventure Park, or Oregon Beach Vacations!
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Meet Portland Artist: Amine

Check out his song, Caroline!
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Rihanna's own version #Views

...think this was on purpose? I do...
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Kanye West's "Famous" Music Video Features Naked "Celebs"

Kanye is no stranger to controversy... His new video features a TOPLESS Taylor Swift lookalike!
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Orlando Massacre First Shots Caught on Snapchat

...eery video that has come to light...
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HOLY SH*T - A Drone You Can Ride!

...forget about traffic...
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It's BACK!

...but will it impress?
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Ummm.... that's NOT art!

This is something that would happen in PDX!
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(VIDEO) Ain't No Party... a Drizzy Party!
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Told ya - They Got Us!!

...publicity stunt proof?
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