Check out the OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for "Married To This" which is taken from the upcoming album "EMO" from Cool Nutz. "Married To This" is produced by Tope. Visuals were filmed at a discreet location on The Northern Oregon Coast.

"My involvement in Hip-Hop culture has been like a marriage. The good, the bad, the ugly, and all the things that come along with a long term relationship. Even with a potential split looming, you fight tirelessly to preserve the love that you have built. The rap game has given me so much, and even taken me through tremendous lows putting me near the point of quitting. But with the commitment that I have made, it's hard for me to walk away from it. Thus I'm Married To This."

--- Cool Nutz Shot and edited by Connor Limbocker, Visuals Produced by Filthiestfilms,