Mak Billionz - That Was Me
DJ Carisma - Anyway
Voila - Too Deep
Cool Nutz - Top 10 List
Yowda feat YG - That's How It Goes
The Game - Or Nah
Stev O - Get High feat Mikey Vegaz, Tope, and Blossom
Stev O - Gnarley
Reign Pro - Venomous
Zito - Okay
Illmaculate - Take A Hit
Jove feat 6ix - One Night Stand
Kenny Kingpin - HOPE



 Mikey Vegaz - Let The Gods Be Gods
Starz of The Bizarre - Its Your Choice
Gil Gates - NE
Leezy Soprano - Playa
Birdman Presents - The Lifestyle
Berner feat YG and Young Thug
Camron - F*&k You
Chef Boyz - Chef Boyz
Alexis Whitney - Bright Lights
Aye Logics  feat. Like and Stewart Villain - You Know What I'm like
Libretto feat Jumbo - Backseat Heaven
Liv Warfield - Why Do You Lie
Lil Wayne feat Drake - Believe That 



T.Dot Tyme feat 6ix - Portland
Illmaculate - Take A Hit
Meezilini feat Rydah J Klyde - Rat Poison
Bobby Schmurda - Hot Nigga
Rush Wun - Just A Heartbreaker
Rose City Gang - DABS

Copper Loc - Now I Believe
Voila - Too Deep
Drae Steves feat T Dot Tyme - Act Right
Dre C - 99 Shots
Dubble OO -Next Level