Waka Flocka Talks New Spinoff Show With Tammy Rivera: 'It’s Not Scripted'

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One of everyone's favorite couples on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is getting their own spinoff show: Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera

Back in 2014, rumors spread about a spinoff starring the two. But now, we get to know more about it. In a recent interview, Flocka confirmed that he and Rivera are planning a new reality TV program called Meet The Flockas. The show will be produced by Mona Scott-Young, the same powerful force behind the Love & Hip Hop franchise. 

On Meet The Flockas, fans will get a chance to see the daily lives -- both personal and professional -- of the couple. Their daughter Charlie will be in it, as well. 

“And it ain’t scripted either,” Waka said. “It’s not a scripted show. This isn’t something from the network. We control all this. It’s about time that the people see some real reality s**t. Thank God for Mona Scott-Young. She definitely deserves some credit. Even to get the opportunity to get on the platform. But it’s up to you how to you to be represented to the world.”

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