POH-Hop 14 Information Panels

POH-Hop 14 Information Panels

The Importance of Quality Content

A discussion on the importance of quality content and it's importance to the success of the independent artist. From audio, video, and other assets, panelists will explain why high quality media contributes to the overall success and progression of the independent artist.

The Ash Street 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Moderator - Mic Capes

Chris Young - Editor - Vortex Magazine

DJ OG One - Official Portland Trailblazers DJ

Tony Ozier - Studio Owner - Beats Galore

Packard Browne - Video Director - Bausik Film Company

Patrick Griffin - Label Relations - CD Baby

Anthony Mc Namer - Entertainment Lawyer - McNamer & Company

The Qualities of A Bookable Artist

A discussion on what makes an artist appetizing for venues, booking agents, and other live performance opportunities. Panelists discuss how quality music, social media, fan draw, and other elements contribute to artists getting the call for choice opportunities. 

The Ash Street 7:25 - 8:40pm

Moderator - Vursatyl of The Lifesavas

Matt Manza - Operations Director - Musicfest NW

David Leiken - Talent Buyer - Double Tee Promotions

Nicholas Harris - Talent Buyer - Soul’d Out Festival

Jacob Robertson - Talent Buyer - Chapters Alumni

Ibeth Hernandez - Talent Buyer - Chapters Alumni

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