30 Year Old Evicted Son Calls Cops on Dad While Moving Out

Michael Rotondo, the jobless 30-year-old whose parents recently served him with an eviction notice, finally left his New York nest on Friday a couple hours ahead of his required departure time.

 He'll be staying at an Airbnb for a week before moving in with a distant cousin nearby, provided his car, which has a radiator issue, makes it. "I gotta get going before something blows up," he told Syracuse.com, referring to his coolant-starved Volkswagen Passat. 

He also called the cops when he couldn't find some of his 8-year-old son's Legos, believing his dad had squirreled them away. (Rotondo lost custody of his kid last year.) But just as police showed up, Rotondo's father emerged with the missing Legos and no one was arrested. As if this story wasn't already weird enough, the cousin whom Rotondo will be staying with found out about his plight while listening to right-wing provocateur Alex Jones on Infowars, and then realized the two were related after a little legwork.



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