Chipotle Giving Out FREE GUAC Today on National Avocado Day

Holy guacamole! If you're jonesing to celebrate National Avocado Day with some creamy guac, you're in luck: Chipotle is giving away guacamole all day on Tuesday in honor of the "holiday."

 Us Weekly reports that you can get your free gauc by creating an account on Chipotle's website or mobile app. You then select an entrĂ©e and decide whether you want a free regular order of chips and guacamole, or if you want guac as an add-on or side item. To finalize the order, enter the coupon code AVOCADO. Not surprisingly, Chipotle fans on Twitter are super-excited. "Chipotle is giving out free guac tomorrow, life is great," one fan tweeted Monday, while another tweeted, "Can I just fill my bathtub with guac?"



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