World's Hottest Grandma Got In Trouble on Instagram for Nude Pic

 I guess the "world's hottest grandma" was even too hot for Instagram to handle.

 48-year-old Gina Stewart from Australia got the title of "world's hottest grandma" from "Maxim" magazine.  Yes, she's a grandma . . . she's got a one-year-old grandchild.  But she still posts semi-nude and mostly nude photos on social media constantly.

Unfortunately for her, a photo she just posted where she was sitting on a chair, completely naked, with her hair covering a very small portion of her left boob was TOO edgy for Instagram . . . and they gave her a warning and removed the photo.

What was the problem?  She's not sure, quote, "The guidelines say no nipple and nipples were not being shown in the picture."



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