Why 'Luke Cage' Was Canceled By Netflix

Here’s Why “Luke Cage” Was Canceled Netflix canceled the Marvel series "Luke Cage," and according to The Hollywood Reporter, a source is saying there was more than one reason for the show being canceled. 

 One was creative differences, and another was that the two sides, Marvel and Netflix, allegedly couldn't agree on terms for the third season.  The show runner for the show, Cheo Hodari Coker, seemed to be blindsided by the cancellation, but shared his gratitude in a social media post by posting, "A lot of memories, a lot of individual thank you calls to make."  

Rumor has it the show will return on Marvel's streaming service, Marvel TV, but that hasn't been confirmed. In the meantime, fans are waiting that Luke Cage will make a return soon.  What do you think about the alleged reasons for canceling "Luke Cage?" Do you think that companies are canceling shows too soon nowadays? What show that was canceled do you wish would come back? 



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