Keurig launches a cocktail-making pod machine


The appliance looks and acts a lot like a Keurig — it takes single pod servings and turns them into cocktails, alcohol and all. It also pairs with a companion iOS app over Bluetooth to tell users what the machine is doing, enable pod refill orders, and troubleshooting. It even includes a touchscreen so users can make drinks without touching the app. (An Android app is in the works.)

The machine costs $299. Each cocktail pod costs $3.99, or $15.99 for four. There will be 15 cocktails at launch, including a Moscow mule, margarita, mojito, and Long Island iced tea. The pods each have a unique barcode on them that the machine will scan to determine the appropriate temperature and carbonation. The time it takes to make a drink varies. A Moscow mule, for example, takes about 50 seconds while a margarita takes 25 seconds. Users will have to physically remove the finished pods from the machine as there’s no garbage bin. Drinks can be made in three sizes: 3.9 ounces, 6.5 ounces, and 8.1 ounces.



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