A Selfie Saved a 21 Year Old From 99 Years in Prison

Hey look, here's proof that selfies can actually be a GOOD thing sometimes.


There's a 21-year-old guy named Cristopher Precopia in Georgetown, Texas.  And in September of last year, he was arrested at his job . . . after his ex said he broke into her house and sliced the letter "X" into her chest with a box cutter.


Cristopher was facing 99 years in prison on a charge of felony burglary with intent to commit other crimes.  Until he was saved . . . by a SELFIE.



His ex said he attacked her on September 20th, 2017 at around 7:20 P.M.  But Cristopher was with his family on that day at that time, about 65 miles away from his ex's house . . . and he had a SELFIE to prove it.



He'd posted the selfie on Facebook, and the timestamps and the geo-location on the picture showed it would've been impossible for Cristopher to have committed the crime.



It took a long time for him to finally clear his name, but the prosecutors have now dropped all the charges.



His ex eventually admitted she made up the whole thing because she was still angry at him.  So far, she isn't facing any charges for falsely accusing him, but the cops are investigating. 


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