New Dating App That Lets You Swipe For Your Friends

Do you know how frustrating it is to meet the people your friends are dating and just be really disappointed that they’re not up to your standards? Sometimes, you just want to set your friends up with people you actually think are good enough for them. Match Group and Betches have teamed up to give you an app that helps you do just that.


Ship is an app that will allow you to screen users’ profiles and match with the right people for your friends. You can even chat with them beforehand so you know whether or not they’ll immediately hit your friends with a picture of their junk. And as for the daters? And BTW? You can pick and choose which of your friends are allowed to swipe for you.


If you’re one of the friends, you’ll see profiles based on your single friend’s preferences – and they could be anything. Your friend could limit the search to people who are only within a certain distance from them or what kind of foods they like. And then it’s up to your pals to find you a worthwhile date. Sounds pretty cool, right?



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