Actress Bella Thorne Cries Big Tears Thanks To Whoopi Goldberg!

Well, this got heated quickly!!! Taking nudes is pretty risky for anyone... especially celebrities, right? That's what Whoopi basically said on "The View" when discussing actress, Bellla Thorne, during a hot topics discussion. So, apparently Bella's Twitter was hacked last week and she says the person tried to extort her using some nude photos they grabbed. In an effort to beat the hackers to the punch, she decided to post the topless photos, hence leading her to end up a topic of discussion for hot topics. Ok, now Bella wasn't happy with what Whoopi had to say. In fact, she tearfully called Whoopi out for her "lack of sympathy" and says she will never go on the "The View" again!!! What do you think... is Bella right or is Whoopi on point? Weigh in...



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