Kristina's Night Out at the Lloyd Center Was LIT

Every woman loves a GNO. Whether you hit the mall , shopping with your besties or just have a casual dinner with your girlfriends in the food court. Maybe make some memories on the ice skating rink and upload the most EPIC Snapchat story.

A girls night out has become an integral part in the lives of women everywhere. So why not start planning one today at the Lloyd Center?

I had THE BEST time at the Lloyd Center with my new friends/Jam'N listeners shopping, going WILD Hustlers style shopping .

Check out the video BELOW:

BTW, EVERYONE has been asking if the "HUSTLERS" movie was any good...and my answer was "YES"

I would totally see it, if I were you. But , warning, you might want to audition at "Stars Cabaret" and snag some wallets after watching it. I always get inspired with the WORST ideas after watching these scandalous movies. LOL

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