World's Largest Starbucks Opens TOMORROW - A Look Inside

Look Inside the Massive New Starbucks on Michigan Avenue. The four-story roastery at 646 N. Michigan is the company's sixth — and at 35,000 square feet, its largest in the World.

 It will feature multiple brewing methods, fresh baking on-site and a new menu of coffees and mixology.

The first thing you'll see when you walk through the door is the small batch roaster, that roasts 25 pounds of beans at a time. The cask that holds the beans is a design centerpiece that stretches from the first floor to the fourth.

Milan pastry Chef Rocco Princi has his latest outpost on the second floor with fresh breads, pastries and sandwiches — even an oatmeal and yogurt bar.

The location will also have craft cocktails, five of which are exclusive to the Chicago location.

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