Future Has Become Another Meme and Now He Wants to be Paid For it

2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Arrivals

2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Arrivals

Just before the holidays a new meme featuring Future kicked off, igniting social users all over. A photo of the rapper texting on his phone was inspiration for users to caption the post with their own toxic ex messages. The rapper has picked up a reputation for being a dismissive and emotionally disregarding boyfriend in his past relationships and fans won't let up.

Over the last few years, footage of future has provoked a flurry of various memes ranging from the short clip, “She belongs to the streets,” and the infamous text message screenshot, “I’m good luv, enjoy.”

Although these memes are homegrown entertainment created by the daily average social user, Future does wish that the content built off of his image would provide a source of income.

"I like the memes but I’d love it if I got paid off of them," he told UPROXX during an interview.

"I should be able to get some money off of it. That’s why I don’t know why people like Instagram so much, because you don’t get paid from it. You get $0 from it but you quick to put your life out there just for free. I’d rather get paid for it. That’s the only thing I don’t like about the memes of me. I don’t get paid for them. But it’s free promotion, so it’s a win-win at the end of the day, because you want people to still be talking about you no matter what."

Unfortunately, Future has grown, as most do, and wishes he did not have to be reminded of small moments that have now become cultural sayings.

"People want you to go back to that moment and relive that sh-t every time they see you. 'Say it on camera…' You know, with my family right there — they aren’t even supposed to know about this sh-t,” he added.

He admitted that he’s not proud of things that he’s done and said. Moments that he does try to live as a normal person, he’s quickly reminded that he has a persona to uphold that his fans are used to.

"You keep reminding me I did this sh-t. It’s a bad moment: You going into a restaurant, trying to eat, you trying to be halfway regular, somebody telling you about, ‘Bruh she belongs to the street,’ and it’s like, ‘Ah man.’ You get reminded you’re Future."

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