WATCH: Did Katy Perry Pass Out During a Gas Leak on "Idol"?

"American Idol"is teasing a moment on this Sunday's show where KATY PERRY allegedly PASSES OUT due to a gas leak on the set.

In a previewclip, the judges start smelling gas, and alert the producers. Everyone is evacuated from the building . . . and some emergency vehicles arrive.  Naturally, the cameras are rolling the whole time, and at one point Katy says, quote, "I'm not feeling good" . . . andfalls to the ground.

Obviously, IF this is true,it's nothing to laugh at. Butit's easy to have major doubts over the seriousness of the situation, because"Idol" stories for ratings.

Also, they usually tape the auditions well in advance . . . so you'd think that we would've heard an ACTUAL news story about it if it was a serious situation

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