Residents at Portland group home call 911 when goat holds them hostage

911 Operator: Are you unable to get it out of your house?

Caller: Yeah. It’s trying to head-butt me and everything. I live in a group home. I need police to help wrangle a goat.

The goat in question escaped from Rossie Farms near Parkrose Middle School and wandered into a group home.

There, he started head-butting the residents. They had to barricade themselves in a room and called police for help.

"Being a police officer for 20 years, you see and go to a lot of calls, and see a lot of crazy things," said Eric Zajac with the Portland Police Bureau. "When I first saw this, and heard it on the radio, I didn’t think it was real."

Police came and wrangled him out. He was given a police escort off of the property.

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