PDX Paint To Protest @ Cathedral Park

PDX Paint To Protest

"We believe Black Lives Matter and are dedicated to supporting the Black community, amplifying Black voices, and advocating for human rights for Black lives. Through the powerful tools of art and music, we strive to surpass language barriers, tear down walls, and peacefully bring awareness to the current issues in our country while also raising funds to support organizations that provide direct resources to Black communities."

Join us in amplifying the Black voices in our community through art/music. All proceeds from our art auctions to BLM organizations.

Sunday, August 2, 2020 | 3PM @ Cathedral Park, Portland Oregon

The following are a list of Organizations that Paint To Protest donate to:

  • ACLU Of Oregon
  • The Marsha P. Johnson Institute
  • Young Black Leadership Alliance
  • Black Art Futures Fund

"We ask that all those who join us at Cathedral Park to be respectful of others and follow the guidelines; If able, we ask those who are attending the event to wear a mask or bring a mask in preparation to wear one if and when needed. Please provide others, that are outside of your family or party, a six foot distance."

Follow us! IG: @PDXPaintToProtest | Organizers: @laurenlrice, @xaiikuu_, @chynna.bb, @dreamshark2020, @jessicamacbrough, @Jamiejims

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