AMPLIFY BLACK VOICES: Kilaa Scott of Portland X Rose'

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Kilaa Scott is a busy wife and mom of 2, with a 15 year career in the healthcare industry. She is a health equality advocate, a member of the board of directors at NxNE Community Health Center and now entrepreneur of her new business Portland x Rosé. Kilaa is using her platform to bring unity, hope & healing by inspiring women to take time for self-care. As a black women who was deeply affected by the impacts of COVID and racial injustice. Kilaa decided to amplify her voice by creating a self-care lifestyle movement for all women. “As women we spend a lot of our time taking care of others and many different responsibilities, often neglecting ourselves & wellbeing. I have personally struggled with this issue myself leading to some recent health scares. I am now making it a priority to be unapologetic about taking time for self-care. Through Portland x Rose I am encouraging others to do the same.”

Portland x Rosé

We are a fresh lifestyle brand committed to inspiring women to celebrate themselves by taking time for self-care. 

Our journeys may be different, but our need for self-love isn’t.

To be our best, we must take time for ourselves. In order to care for others, we must make it a priority to care for ourselves. We simply can’t pour from an empty cup. We must take time to replenish.

Because in today’s world, caring for ourselves is no longer optional. 

Portland x Rosé is your tribe. We are here to remind you that your well-being matters. We are your girlfriends cheering you along. We encourage you to celebrate your wins no matter the size or journey. We are the big sister letting you know that it’s okay to set boundaries and that taking a rest is your right. 

Yep, that’s right. We are unapologetically taking care of us! 

Together we are Portland x Rosé. 

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Self-Care Isn’t Optional, It’s Essential 

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