Viral Tweet Exposing Lake Oswego Neighbors

It all started with this tweet that went VIRAL, that started the conversation on my show..

Truth be told, I've never spent much time in Lake Oswego. I got some Botox from a Groupon once in Lake O. I also know that some Trailblazers have called it home. I also heard that LO residents are the only people that are able to enjoy the lake. Is this true?

This is all that I know about this part of town. Until I saw that tweet, I was kind of surprised. Is this typical behavior from these neighborhoods?

I connected with Justus on Twitter:

So we talked this morning on the radio about his experience living in Portland for about a year since moving from California.

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Clearly this is an serious issue that must be talked about. I'm happy to extend my microphone and white privilege to expose parts of the Portland area for not accepting and embracing our brothers, sisters and neighbors.

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