Here Is Oregon's Best Under-The-Radar Steakhouse

Hanger steak bbq with souce chimichurri, close up

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For every type of cuisine and specialty, there are many types of restaurants that do it justice. The same can be applied to steakhouses, which range from fancy establishments to hole-in-the-wall spots.

If you've been wanting to try a different kind of steakhouse, Cheapism has you covered. They found the best under-the-radar steakhouses in every state, including Oregon. This was their pick for the Beaver State:

Laurelhurst Market!

Writers explain why they chose this butcher shop and restaurant:

"Laurelhurst Market's in-house butcher shop turns out hand-cut steaks and 12 hand-stuffed sausages. Menu items to savor include the popular Snake River Farm Wagyu Culotte steak served with grilled broccoli and charred green onion sauce, or the LM rib-eye. Finish with the coffee crepe cake or try beignets with chicory-and-chocolate dipping sauce."

Taking a closer look at their menu, you can also order dry-aged bone-in New York ribeye, marinated and grilled hanger steak, their housemade burger, halibut, grilled porkchop, and much more. Sides include macaroni and cheese, fries, braised kale, roasted mushrooms, radicchio and broccoli, and leeks.

You can find Laurelhurst Market at 3155 E Burnside St in Portland. They're available for dine-in. curbside pickup, and delivery.

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