Oregon Rock Museum For Sale, Comes With Peacocks

Photo: Getty Images

If you're looking to buy a quirky piece of property, there's something waiting for you in Oregon. A new Zillow listing is advertising the sale of the Petersen Rock Garden & Museum in Redmond. For $825,000, you can own this historic attraction which comes with many fascinating amenities... and peacocks!

Thousands of people have visited this precious part of the Beaver State, and it's even listed on the National History Registry. This is what realtors are saying about this "once in a lifetime opportunity":

"Lovingly constructed from 1936-1952, the Petersen Rock Garden & Museum has been a quintessential staple of the Central Oregon landscape for many generations and is for sale for the first time ever! A total of 12.36 acres with 7.96 acres of irrigation, the Rock Garden attraction sits on just over 4 acres with 2 homes, ice house, & cinder parking lot. As you meander through the amazing rock vignettes, grotto, stone paths, bridges, fountain, and even the stone statue of liberty, you will find the original museum, vintage diner, and of course peacocks."

Future owners can either revitalize the attraction or transform it into their own personal rock garden. If you're interested in purchasing the museum, you would have to pay an estimated $4,516 per month.

Click HERE to check out the full listing and the photo gallery.

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