Nappy Roots Rapper Shot After Being Robbed & Kidnapped

Nappy Roots

Photo: Getty Images

A member of seasoned rap group Nappy Roots was shot after he was robbed and kidnapped at gun point in front of their brewery in Atlanta.

According to a report 11Alive published on Thursday, August 18, police said Melvin Adams, who's known as rapper Fish Scales of Nappy Roots, was closing up Atlantucky Brewing, which he owns with the group at around 11 p.m. in Castleberry Hill. That's when two armed suspects robbed a customer in the parking lot and made their way into the brewery. While inside, the robbers forced the "Awnaw" rapper into his own car and drove off in the direction of Hapeville, Ga.

“I am certainly relieved that my business partner and brother Scales is safe and recovering…that is what is most important” said William Hughes aka Skinny DeVille of Nappy Roots and co-owner of the brewery. “We are certainly also praying for the patron who was shot outside the establishment.”

Adams was able to escape the robber's clutches, but he was shot in the leg during the process. He was rushed to the hospital to treat his injuries. Meanwhile, police found his car parked on a street in Hapeville. As of this report, authorities are still searching for the suspects.

This is the first time any crime has been committed since Atlantucky Brewing opened up earlier this year. The name was inspired by the group's roots in Atlanta and Kentucky. Despite the robbery, no damage was done to the brewery nor were there any funds stolen. The group expects Adams to make a full recovery and return to work "as soon as possible."

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