Kodak Black Donates $50,000 Worth Of Water To Haiti Amid Gang Violence

Kodak Black

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Kodak Black is so proud of his Haitian heritage that he's willing to do what it takes to ensure the survival of the population on the island, especially while its currently engulfed in gang violence.

According to a report TMZ published on Wednesday, August 24, Kodak Black donating $50,000 worth of water to the people of Haiti. The rapper's lawyer Bradford Cohen confirmed 'Yak's plan to transport the water from Florida to Haiti by using cargo ships. The alkaline water bottles say "LAST" because "Kodak wants this to be the last time anyone in Haiti goes without water."

"@kodakblack has been working on this for months," Cohen wrote in an Instagram post. "Coordinating with the government of Haiti speaking to teams on the streets. Trying to get the violence to stop and the people of Haiti out of poverty. Building back Haiti quietly for the past year without any fanfare. While others speak about it he is doing it. The Haitian community in South Florida is such an important, vibrant culture. To change things sometimes people need to come together and act as one. So important to participate in local and national government for the Haitian nation to be represented. Kodak urges more people to help this embattled country to #rebuildhaiti."

In recent weeks, a resurgence in gang violence has claimed hundreds of lives on the island. According to Cohen, Kodak is calling for a ceasefire and aims to ensure the citizens, who've been cut off from clean water and food, are able to survive. As soon as the shipment of 35,000 water bottles arrives in Haiti, Kodak and his team want to work with government officials to make sure the water gets to those who need it most.

Kodak's latest charitable act comes after the Florida native has given back to his own community on numerous occasions. Last year, he even set up a college fund for a young girl who's father, who was a police officer, died of COVID-19.

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