Sheriff Warns Of Fake Jewelry Scam


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Photo: Getty Images

The Washington County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) is issuing a warning to community members about a recent nationwide scam that has resurfaced in our community. WCSO has received several reports of individuals selling fake jewelry and watches on the highways and on ramps in Washington County over the past two weeks.

Reports have indicated that the suspects involved in this scam drive higher-end rental vehicles and flag down drivers on the side of the freeways or ramps. Once stopped, they typically approach the driver and claim to need money for gas to return home. In exchange for cash, they offer gold jewelry or watches of little value. These encounters often involve aggressive demands for cash. Community members are highly discouraged from stopping and interacting with these individuals.

Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating these incidents. Community members who have fallen victim to this scam are encouraged to report their incidents by calling non-emergency (503) 629-0111 to report the incident to a deputy.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office wants to remind everyone to exercise caution and remain observant when approached by unknown individuals, especially on freeways and ramps. By working together and reporting suspicious activity promptly, we can ensure the safety of our community.

Source: Washington County Sheriff's Office

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