Woman With Gorilla Glue Hair To Get A Free $12k Procedure To Remove Glue?

Might as well keep you all updated on what’s happening with Tessica Brown aka the woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair. In the last 24hrs, I’ve heard rumors of Tessica finding a lawyer, TMZ is reporting a plastic surgeon plans to fly her out to LA to get the glue out AND she’s officially shown a close up of her hair. Check it out below:

As for the plastic surgeon, TMZ is reporting:

Tessica Brown's got an offer from Dr. Michael Obeng, who says he can fix her problems with a lengthy procedure.

We're told Tessica is flying Wednesday from Louisiana to Los Angeles to have the procedure done, and the good doc estimates it will take 2 or 3 days to completely rid her hair of Gorilla Glue.

Our sources say Dr. Obeng feels so bad for Tessica, he's performing the procedure for free. It's no small gesture, we're told the estimated cost is $12,500. - via TMZ

An attorney went under Gorilla Glue’s statement and stated Gorilla Glue, hair is NOT skin and the company should have given her a sponsorship deal:

Do you think Tessica Brown will win her case if she sues?