Ashely McGrit Talks Black Trauma with KING 5’s Brit Moorer

It’s no secret that the Black Community is dealing with a lot of traumas these days. Don’t get me wrong, we’re always dealing with trauma however, this month has been a bit much. Not sure about you but aside from watching the Derek Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd, every morning and frankly throughout the day I’ve been getting notifications from CNN, TMZ, and local news stations about different traumatic events happening to someone else that looks as if they could be related me.

While scrolling on Instagram I saw Brit Moorer from KING caught up with Seattle-based trauma therapist Ashley McGirt to talk touch on some best practices to deal with racial trauma. Check out the special below:

Personally, I’ve taken a little break from the news because it’s becoming a bit much. And that’s okay! I think in the world we live in with the media at our fingertips 24/7 we sometimes feel guilty for taking time for ourselves to reset our emotions, which isn’t healthy at the end of the day. Shout out to these two ladies for talking about Black Trauma on a major news network.

In case you haven’t checked out my interview with Ashely McGrit where I literally started crying while talking about some of my own trauma, check it out here!