Music Video: Chlöe - Have Mercy


Chole Bailey officially dropped her music video for her first single “Have Mercy,” and I freaking love it! If you’re not on TikTok you may have missed the Have Mercy twerking trend that blew up last month filling our For You Pages with a low twerking challenge that I’ve yet to complete 🥴 Let’s just say I tried and fell right on my butt 😂

Anywoots, if you haven’t seen the music video for Chole’s first single “Have Mercy” see it below:

Personally, I love the video, I love her energy in the video, and I absolutely love her confidence. However, it's very interesting that a lot of people are still comparing her to Beyoncé, but at the end of the day Beyoncé IS her mentor you guys, and they've been working together for a minute at this point. So, with that being said it's kind of to be expected that she's going to have some Beyoncé vibes in her music video and music in general. But at the same time, Chloe has been giving sexy vibes on social media ever since she did the Buss It challenge, so to say that this wasn't the energy that she would bring in this music video is absolutely laughable to me. But personally, I love the video, I enjoy the full version of the song now that we finally have it.

Do you like the music video? Hit me up on IG @besagordon and let me know your thoughts on the song and video!

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