Recap: Besa Gordon Hits Bacon And Beer Classic

Besa Gordon at Bacon and Beer Classic

Photo: Besa Gordon

Who knew beer tasting would be so fun!

If you follow me on IG (if you're not follow me @besagordon duhhh) you know my friends and I live our best lives every weekend, and this one was no different. After having Brunch at Local Public Eatery on South Lake Union with the girls, we jumped in a Lyft and went up to Jefferson Park Golf Course for Bacon and Beer Classic. Now, I'm not sure why it was there and not at T-Mobile Park, but whatever 🤷🏾‍♀️

Each year I typically miss the event because I'm not a big pork eater or beer drinker BUT I figured why not go. The weather was great, the beers were tasty and I even found a Black Owned business that makes a mixed cabbage so good I damn near asked for the recipe.

If you haven't gone to Bacon and Beer Classic I suggest you check it out next year!

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