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Things To Do In Seattle For New Years Eve

Group of friends celebrating 2023 New Year's Day holding numbers during a rooftop party

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✨ Let's talk New Years Eve events 🥳 This year might be the first year since 2019 that we really get to live our best lives on New Years Eve outside of our homes. Well, at least if you're somewhere it's not snowing 🥴 In this two (possibly three) part series, I'm giving you all events happening around the Greater Seattle area for New Year's Eve. Why? Because ya'll are already hitting my DMs about it, and I might as well share the information with everyone at once. See below for my first list of event recommendations.

🎊 New Years Eve at Trinity (Seattle/Pioneer Square)

🎊 An Oasis New Year at Mint Lounge (Seattle/Cap Hill)

🎊 My Electric 2023 at the new Hyatt Regency (Downtown Seattle)

🎊 Columbia Tower Club New Years Eve Queen's Ball (Downtown Seattle)

🎊 New Years Eve Fireworks at the Space Needle (Downtown Seattle)

✨ Stay tuned for my Tacoma recommendations coming up next, and if you have recommendations for part three (part 2 is already done), drop them below!

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