Hold Up: Billboards are Going into Outer Space?!

There is a new startup company from Russia called StarRocket... that wants (and apparently has the tech know-how to do it) to have satellites put into lower orbit for the sole purpose of projecting advertisements and billboards from the night sky. I'm torn... ads are already everywhere, and I don't want to look up at the night sky and see a giant logo in the sky. But at the same time, I feel like someone needs to tell them they need to charge more lol. Only $200,000 for it to be displayed for 8 hours... $500,000 will lock it up for 10 days straight. People pay MILLIONS on top of MILLION for 30 seconds of commercial time in the Super Bowl... they got get over a million for a space add.

There is already a major US company on board to advertise from outer space... CHECK OUT WHO, AND SEE AN IDEA OF WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE HERE!

"Look kids, there's the big dipper... that's Orion's Belt... and that group of stars is a Redbull logo lol



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