What the Air Force has to say About People Storming Area 51...

Over 1 million people are planning to storm their way in to the secret United States Air Force Base in the Nevada Dessert, 'Area 51' in September. In an effort to force their way inside and see what really goes on in there. Check out the Facebook Group HERE.(my favorite quote from the Facebook Page's Mission... "... we can run faster than their bullets"

Now if you're planning on going or know someone who is... the United States Air Force who (allegedly) guards the base has some warnings for you SEE WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY HERE.

Personally... y'all let me know what you find in there. lol. I'm not risking getting shot trying to relive a scene from 'Independence Day' although an alien friend might be cool to have around. My question, do we even know that Area 51 is in the location they THINK it is? Or is the government secretly laughing at over a million people cause they have no idea where they're going?



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