Is this PROOF that Aliens Exist and We're Not Alone?!

This UFO was first seen back in 2004... we didn't hear about it really until 2017 when these videos were first seen by the public. The story was that this Unidentified Flying Object was seen from an aircraft carrier off the coast of California, to which we responded by sending fighter jets to investigate it. It would play cat & mouse with our planes and then take off like a bullet. Well the government has finally admitted that the videos are legit and not faked. They aren't speculating what they are yet... but the videos aren't modified.

Watch the below video... at about 3:20 they talk about seeing a large movement in the ocean below the UFO and think it might have been here to rendezvous with the object in the water (which also dove deep and disappeared when the jets showed up). They also say it has the ability to go invisible to both radar and the human eye.



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