OOPS! She Facetimed the Wrong "Daddy"

We've all been there right? Don't lie! Maybe not on this bad of a scale... I definitely have never Facetimed my Dad while tryna be a freak lol... but we've all sent a text at least to the wrong person right? Or had that moment where we send a text and go "Oh, crap!" and have to check to make sure we sent it to the right person.

This woman has her man's number saved in her phone as "Daddy"... problem is, her actual Father's number is also saved as an identical "Daddy!" So she Facetimed the wrong Daddy and her Dad got a view he wasn't wanting to see. Worst part, she just kept going... didn't even know she messed up til he starts yelling at her lol.

He even calls her out at the end... wait for that.



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