Trey Songz Responds To Leaked Sex Tape

Yesterday a short 6, 7 second clip of a woman performing oral sex on a man..we can’t see his face but we can hear his voice and see tattoos..both of which fans have matched up to be Trey Songz. Again these are just assumptions so if you saw Trey Songz was trending thats why because everyone was like OH MY GOD. Yesterday afternoon, Trigga responded to these accusations by posting photos of him looking at his phone with a confused face…

Then he shared a link to his “don’t judge” record from back in 2011 with a smirk face emoji..

Then he shared a video of him walking with a limp and two pictures of him with his hands down his pants…

AND finished it off by sharing a post promoting his $20 a month only fans page for those who are “curious”..

Do you think it's Trey in the video? Or is he trolling us?

Photo: Getty