VIDEO: Quavo & Saweetie Get Into Altercation In North Hollywood Elevator

Elevator surveillance leaked of Saweetie and Quavo getting into a physical altercation in a North Hollywood apartment complex. The video is a little under 2 minutes long and starts with the two outside of the elevator..Saweetie seems to be throwing a few punches which Quavo dodges, dropping his orange Call of Duty briefcase. It looks like Saweetie tries to grab the briefcase and make a run for it, that's when Quavo swings her into the elevator by her arm..the two wrestle over the briefcase for a few seconds before Quavo gains control of the situation and Saweetie just kinda drops to the ground and sits there. She didn’t get up and was possibly injured. They eventually get to their floor..Quavo gets out and holds the door, after about 20 seconds Saweetie gets up and seems to limp out of the elevator.

According to TMZ police were not called and this happened last year in 2020. I think as of now its unclear what actually started all of this or what exactly the two were fighting over.

Domestic violence from either party is never okay. If you or someone you know finds yourself in an unsafe situation, you can call the domestic violence hotline any time at 800-799-SAFE (7233).

Photo: Getty

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